Tusche Illustration von Anna Sette, die einen Astronaut zeigt, der gerade auf einen Planet sprint

About Anna Sette

Freelance AD, corporate designer, graphic designer and illustrator

I have a strong conceptional approach, whereas my designs come out of an idea, proofed against customers´ and market´s needs, as well as range of media, current fashion and finally personal style and taste.
work therefore at the crossroad between different disciplines (design, illustration, UX, marketing…), to implement that idea at its best.
As designer my goal is to visually support the marketing and revenue goals of my customers.

Currently getting fit in wireframing, screendesign and prototyping.
I have a strong interest in concept art, for which I am exploring Blender and furthermore ZBrush.

Please enquiry about generating text and images through AI. 

And last but not least:
I work internationally so do ask to pack my bag and come over 🙂

Bild von Anna Sette Illustratorin und Designerin in München
Areas of experience:

art direction
corporate design 

communication design
graphic design

Software skills:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
After Effects
WordPress / basic CSS


Prompting (Midjourney)

Language skills:

Fluent: Italian, English, German
Basic: Portuguese

My network includes experts in the following fields:

web development
motion design
concept art
business consultancy & coaching