Tusche Illustration von Anna Sette, die einen Astronaut zeigt, der gerade auf einen Planet sprint

About Anna Sette

Freelance communication designer and illustrator

I have a strong conceptional approach and I  work at the crossroad between different disciplines. My focus is currently on corporate design, editorial illustration, illustrative branding and exploring the possibilities of integrate my illustrations into webdesign. I do cover design and editorial illustration for books, magazines and newspaper. I paint murals. I am interested in animation and I work both analogical and digital.
I work internationally.

Bild von Anna Sette Illustratorin und Designerin in München
Work experience:

art direction: 5 years
visual communication design: +8 years
illustration: 3 years

Software skills:

advanced knowledge:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

working knowledge:
CSS, WordPress

basic knowledge:
Adobe Premiere, HTML

interested in learning/learning:
After Effects

Language skills:

Fluent: Italian, English, German
Basic: Portuguese

My network includes experts in the following fields:

web development
motion design
concept art